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Who we are?
Who we are

We are a Technology based company with office in Mysuru
We design and develop Products, Customized Machines & Embedded Systems.

What We Do?
What We Do

We Build customized Automation solution for the manufacturing sector.

Robotic Integration
Robot Integration
Vision System
Vision System
Inspection System
Inspection System

PLANTEK is an Automation company that focuses on Industrial Automation. Our Company provides automation services to empower industries to thrive and advance. Our cost-effective and innovative application solutions for our customer requirements are a game changer in the automation Industry. Our Company develops turnkey solutions to manage processes in ways that are safe, reliable, efficient, and sustainable.

  We take pride in our company culture — it is the fuel behind our positive attitudes, fresh energy, and friendly environment. We all work together to uphold our core values and shape our vision, culture, and identity. We draw ideas and experience from across the company to make impactful decisions and support each other.

We dedicate ourselves to providing unprecedented automation solutions for industries. Our machines are utilized in industries such as Manufacturing, Automotive, Machine tools, Food and Beverage, OEM, Panel Builders, and many more. Our company combines superior technology with engineering services, project management, and maintenance to deliver field-proven operational efficiency, safety, quality, and high-reliability.


To be the most successful and respected industry in automation.


Creating constructive and pleasant work environment to provide effective solutions through innovative Automation products.

Why Industrial Automation

Increase Productivity

Increase Quality

Increase Flexibility

Increase Accuracy

High Safety

Why Plantek

Experienced Team

Building New Products

Best Services Support

Technology Driven Products

Multiple Locations

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About us

Plantek is a company that provides customized Automation solutions for the manufacturing sector.






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